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Yahoo is killing off more products and sidelining search access for developers

March 11, 2016 - Uncategorized


The downward spiral continues at Yahoo, and a monthly update from the company suggests even more services are being shut off.

While we already knew Games was being shut down in May, Livetext is also going away at the end of this month. If you’ve already forgotten Livetext, don’t worry: it was a weird silent video app, and actually kind of sucked.

Regional media properties are also being shuttered. In the UK, France, Germany, Spain and India, Astrology is vanishing. Yahoo Maktoob is also being jettisoned so the company can concentrate on it’s core content competencies: News, Sports, Finance and Lifestyle.

Developers using Yahoo BOSS will need to migrate to the newer Yahoo Partner Ads (YPA), which isn’t really a direct transition (Yahoos ays it’s for “publishers who manage their own search engine results pages”). YPA is about utilizing search for advertising, while BOSS was meant to surface Yahoo search results on Websites.

If you’re using the BOSS JSON Search API, BOSS Hosted Search, BOSS Placefinder or Placespotter APIs — you’ll need to switch to YPA by March 31.

Q1 2016 Progress Report On Our Product Prioritization [Yahoo]

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