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What we owe those in 'the Jungle' refugee camp

February 29, 2016 - Uncategorized



CALAIS, France — There may be, right now, a more weird street in Europe than Avenue Rene Careme. But somehow I doubt it.

To one side, there are the quiet, detached houses of bourgeois Grande Synthe, a district of leafy Dunkirk, the town built around the ferry service to Dover, on the north coast of France. It’s a place of neat gardens, shuttered residences, where even the dogs look manicured and trimmed, trotting out on their daily leashed and respectable walks.

But cross the avenue and in a matter of yards you pass into an alternate human universe. Tents, spattered with mud among the saplings. A swamp underfoot, a fog of cooking fires hanging in the air and clasping at your throat as you breathe. Here there are shouts of Arabic, not French Read more…

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