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Wenol, the best metal polish I've used

March 31, 2016 - Uncategorized


I was given a tube of Wenol by a seller of antique silver, years ago. Wenol cleans up everything I think to try it on.

Wenol is a pink paste containing magic and some jewelers rouge. You rub it on to whatever surface you need to remove tarnish or oxidation from, or just shine up, and then rub off.

I’ve used this on silverware, jewelry, doorknobs, tools, automotive chrome, and aluminum. Look at what Wenol did for my motorcycle wheels! They are shiny! I had no idea! Cleaning the one wheel took about 20 minutes. Don’t pick on my spokes.


I found that Wenol takes off light surface crud, and the residue buffs nicely to quite a shine, and leaves a bit of a film that purportedly helps slow future corrosion. As per the norm, internet forums declare Wenol the “king of polish.”

Wenol Metal Polish 3.98-oz. via Amazon
Source: Boing Boing

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