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Toyota calls this all-wooden roadster concept a 'time machine'

April 7, 2016 - Uncategorized



Toyota’s Setsuna concept is more than an all-wood roadster concept. The Japanese automaker claims it’s a time machine, too.

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No, that doesn’t mean that it can travel through time. I mean, it does, but just like how you and I time travel: forward, one minute at a time.

Toyota Setsuna concept


Its real time-machine capabilities come in the form of a wooden body that ages through time as well as a 100-year meter in the dashboard that ticks off every hour, day and year that Setsuna has been on the planet.

The idea is that families who connect with the car will make memories in and around it. The clicking of the 100-year meter as well as the visible aging of the car is aimed to remind family members, as the car is passed down through the generations, of the significance the automobile has in their family. Read more…

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