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The veterinarians who follow one of the longest dog sled races in the U.S.

February 25, 2016 - Uncategorized



I’m watching a pack of dogs make their way across a frozen lake, their yelps echoing through the snow-covered pines. The eight dogs are bound together by the bonds of teamwork, as well as a rope that attaches them to a sled driver, who is struggling to get his exhausted team to the finish line

His face sheathed in ice, Drew Haskin is anxious to finish the last few hundred feet of a 119-mile journey that started the day before in a patch of cleared forest off a lonely highway in northern Minnesota. 

For Haskin, and the other 16 people competing in the Beargrease mid-distance race, this is the end of the line. But for 13 marathon competitors and their dogs, there are 264 miles left to go in what is the longest dog sled race in the lower 48 states, and considered by some to have the toughest terrain.   Read more…

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