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The Golden Wattle flag

March 2, 2016 - Uncategorized

The current Australian flag was designed in 1901 to represent the British subjects in a British colony. Many Australians think it’s no longer suitable. Cue the Golden Wattle flag.

Golden Wattle flag Australia

“The wattle is our only authentic national symbol – totally, unambiguously of this land. It is not conflicted or qualified in its identity or loyalty. It is eloquently, elegantly and undoubtedly Australian.”
— Terry Fewtrell, President, Wattle Day Association

Golden Wattle flag Australia

Australia’s official floral emblem is the golden wattle. About 950 different species of wattle are native to the country, and most Australians can recognise a wattle (at least when it’s in flower). It’s said you can find a wattle in bloom somewhere in Australia at any time of the year.

Golden Wattle

Green and gold are Australia’s national colours, and were derived from the golden wattle leaf and blossom.

Golden Wattle flag Australia

Golden Wattle flag Australia

Golden Wattle flag Australia

The design’s by Jeremy Matthews of Ammunition, and is my favourite from these six alternative Australian flags (below).

Australian flag proposals

More insight on the Golden Wattle flag website.

Via Why? (a superb new website from Mucho).

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