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Syfy's 'The Internet Ruined My Life' is the ultimate online cautionary tale

March 2, 2016 - Uncategorized



It took Cameron Jankowski about ten minutes to realize a photo of him peeing into a serving of nachos had struck a nerve with his online followers

At first, the responses that trickled in were mostly praise for his creative take on #pissolympics, an Internet game in which very bored people took photos of themselves urinating in sometimes extreme circumstances (because, Internet). But not long after, the feedback turned angrier, peaking with actual threats against his life. Then came a knock on his door. On the other side? Two police detectives

It’s an increasingly common story, really, and one that Syfy’s The Internet Ruined My Life aims to take a closer look at. Because while one person’s bad decision on the Internet may gain attention for one or two news cycles, the lasting impact on the offenders’ real lives can be devastating Read more…

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