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Reviewed: New Logo(s) for Jetbrains

December 17, 2015 - Uncategorized

This is Your Developer Brain on Drugs

New Logo(s) for Jetbrains

Established in 2000, JetBrains is a software development company catering to developers by producing professional development tools for Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, and more. Started by three friends, JetBrains now employs nearly 600 people across five offices, with its headquarters in Prague. Its 20 different products are used by more than 400,000 customers. Last week, the company introduced a new family of logos for itself and its products. No design credit given.

People know IntelliJ IDEA. People know ReSharper. People know TeamCity, but they don’t necessarily know that these products are from the same company, nor do they know what other products JetBrains offers.

As more and more developers move towards polyglot programming, we are there offering our users the same experience in our products and services. It’s time to consolidate that in our branding too, and we hope this new consistent look and feel will allow you to better identify us.

All of us have our own drive, have our own ambitions, and many of us share the ambition to make our small dent in this world, making it better. We want our branding to identify us with you, our users, because we believe we have a lot more in common than merely wanting to work more efficiently.

This is our drive to develop. This is your drive to develop!

JetBrains blog post

New Logo(s) for Jetbrains
Logo detail.
New Logo(s) for Jetbrains
Logo animation.

The old logo demonstrates that it’s not a good idea for one word in the company name to impale the other word. Perhaps as a concept it made sense — it doesn’t, though — but in execution it surely didn’t. Nothing about that logo inspires confidence or sense of quality. The new logo is… different. It definitely has a techie, nerdy feel to it, perhaps enhanced by the animation of the blinking cursor or perhaps, you know, because of the giant gradient beams shooting out in the background. I can’t say that I like it but I can’t say I hate it either. It fits the overall, confident vibe presented on their website, so good for them for pulling it off.

New Logo(s) for Jetbrains
All product logos.

Part of the effort to rebrand was to unify the logos for the 20 different products — only 18 shown above — JetBrain offers. Simply by sheer force of iteration and variation this is a commendable exercise. None of the logos on their own are particularly good or interesting but, as a whole, I don’t mind looking at the image above for an extended period of time. Worth noting: all the logos occupy the same overall square-footage even when some look wider or taller.

New Logo(s) for Jetbrains
Mock boxes.

If you were thinking “I wonder if the wiggles could be not JUST on the logos but all over their respective boxes?” then you will be pleasantly surprised that, yes, it is possible. Possible but not recommendable, as it gets too close to jumping the shark of how much edginess a bunch of software can handle. Also, this keeps me reminding of some other project but I can’t pinpoint it. Regardless, it’s an eye-catching system and it’s well presented across JetBrain’s website.

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