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Puppy Chow improves your day with piles of puppies in sweatbands cuddling cute kids and grandparents

April 4, 2016 - Uncategorized



Piles of puppies are the secret to pure joy — and a great ad.

Purina PuppyChow and SoulPancake, the media company behind the ever-popular Kid President YouTube series, teamed up to brighten up your Monday with cute pups in need of a couple cuddles.

The ad opens up with scenes of bored children in a pre-school, sad grandparents in a nursery home, and jaded, Crossfit junkies working on their fitness at a gym. The dreary score suggests that these different contingents are all just craving a little brightness in their life.

Enter: puppies!

Puppies in sweatbands. As you do.

Image: Screenshot from soulpancake and purina Read more…

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