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Opera's testing a browser that kills ads, accelerating webpage loading by up to 90 percent

March 10, 2016 - Uncategorized

Opera’s fired a broadside in the web content wars Thursday morning, becoming the first desktop Web browser with built-in ad blocking—and explicitly encouraging users to turn it on as a way of improving their browsing experience.

Competing browsers like Chrome or Firefox assign plugins like AdBlock Plus the task of blocking ads. But with Opera’s 37.0.2162.0 developer build for Mac OS and Windows, it’s baked right into the software. Opera claims that turning on the ad-blocking feature can cut page load times by a whopping 90 percent, which PCWorld confirmed using a test build. 

opera ad popup blockedMark Hachman

The new Opera browser version will show you how many ads it found on the page.

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Source: Mac World

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