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Opening night at the last real juke joint in the Mississippi Delta

March 25, 2016 - Uncategorized



The first time I tried to reach Robert “Bilbo” Walker—a then 78-year-old bluesman with a reputation of being as talented as he was cantankerous, — his phone had been disconnected

The second time, he picked up and demanded $350 for an interview. The third time, after he had been talked down to a more reasonable rate of “free,” Bilbo told me to meet him 15 miles south of Clarksdale, Mississippi, on a plot of land where he was building a juke joint

Dubbed “Wonderlight City”, it was a dream long deferred, but he claimed opening night would arrive soon, maybe even that night

No one in Clarksdale thought Bilbo’s venture had a prayer of succeeding. He may have a warm heart, but his exterior has been so hardened by decades soaking in poverty, racism, and his own personal piss and vinegar that no one wanted to work with him Read more…

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