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One lightbulb, infinite possibilities: Save 25% on the ilumi LED Smartbulb now

February 22, 2016 - Uncategorized

Sometimes you just need to set the mood. And if you’re lucky that mood is super romantic and you can put on some red lights and we’re very jealous. But in all likelihood, many times the mood is sleepy or sad or lazy or kid time or drunken dance party. Luckily the ilumi LED Smartbulb sets any mood with a color for every single occasion and/or feeling and you can get the bulb that does it all for 25% off now.

It’s the smartest smartlight around and so brilliant, in fact, that it makes flicking a normal switch look like lighting a torch inside a cave. You install the bulb right into any normal socket on your ceiling or in a lamp, then let your phone do the rest. Everything is controlled via Bluetooth from the free app. First of all you can choose your color from a wide range of hues. Next, you can pulse the light on and off to the beat of any music you’re playing for big time parties. The light can follow you from room to room, turn on when you wake up on a certain schedule, and with all this you’ll even save on your energy bill.

Hamburglars? Nope. You can leave one of these energy efficient lights on while you’re gone to make it look like there’s a full house. Whatever your favorite light setting is, this app remembers it and you can deploy it at any time from up to 150 feet away over Bluetooth. Save 25% on one of these brilliant bulbs today and light up your whole new life.

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