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Mysterious giant piles of food are perplexing Reddit

April 1, 2016 - Uncategorized



Food goes in mouths, people. Not in giant heaps on the ground.

A curious trend has surfaced on Reddit, one that requires a serious detective to crack — giant piles of vegetables, seriously GIANT, are being randomly stumbled upon by unsuspecting victims.

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I may not be a detective, but I’ve seen a Sherlock commercial or two, so I think I can solve it. 


Clue #1 – Forest spuds

Clue #2 – Forest carrots. (Addendum: not babies)

Clue #3 – Sewer fries (potential link to forest spuds?)

After spilling over the evidence at hand, I would like to be the first to assert a professional theory explaining this supernatural phenomenon: Read more…

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