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Millennials: Self-starting, not self-involved

January 8, 2016 - Uncategorized


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We’re seeing quite the large-scale obsession with millennials at the moment, and understandably so. Brands, governments and policymakers alike recognize that the 18 to 34 demographic make for deeply attractive consumers, responsive audiences… and super business founders. However, this same generation continues to get a bad rap from the media and commentators. Dangerous stereotypes abound about them being ‘self-interested’, ‘apathetic’ or worse yet, ‘entitled’. I think these stereotypes are misplaced. Typically, millennials are a highly proactive, go-getting and enterprising lot. They inherited an alarmingly unstable economy, volatile socio-political climate and rife unemployment. Really, they’ve had to hone whip-smart business skills…

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