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Lock down your Mac, iPhone, and online accounts if you expect trouble ahead

April 4, 2016 - Uncategorized

A friend wrote for advice, as she has believes she might face unwarranted harassment for some work of hers that’s going to be released. She wondered how she could best secure everything to do with her online identity before someone manages to wriggle inside her defenses.

Most people are reactive, waiting until a bad event to take action—whether total loss of data in a hard drive crash, or an account being hijacked. It’s great she was thinking about this ahead of time, and the advice I offered her is useful to everyone who finds themselves in that position, or just wants a security tune-up.

Tune up

Mac and iOS users are often a bit smug about the security of their devices. (I know I can be.) But because of Apple’s architecture, there’s little to nothing you can do in iOS, and little to nothing that’s useful in OS X.

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Source: Mac World

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