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Jeff Bezos gets a little punchy, suggests 'disemvoweling' the Washington Post

March 24, 2016 - Uncategorized



There r no bd ideas.

K, maybe this one.

Jeff Bezos is something of a legend in the tech world, having built e-commerce and web services giant Amazon into a behemoth.

When he bought the Washington Post in 2013, hope emerged that he might be able to apply his talents to save the newspaper and even journalism more broadly.

So far, he’s done pretty well. The Post‘s web traffic has more than double from around 30.5 million monthly unique visitors to more than 73 million.

That doesn’t mean that everything the spills forth from Bezos is of particular genius, a notion backed by a fun anecdote from this a deep and detail-filled feature by Fortune on Bezos and his work beyond Amazon. Read more…

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