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Google may release an iPhone keyboard with built-in search and GIFs

March 23, 2016 - Uncategorized

Google may be working on a software keyboard for the iPhone, with web search as a featured attraction.

Unnamed sources told The Verge that Google has been developing the iOS keyboard for months, though it’s unclear if or when the company might release it. Similar to Google’s existing Android keyboard (pictured above), the iPhone version would reportedly allow for gesture typing, which predicts the intended word as users trace their fingers over each letter.

The big difference, however, would be a built-in Google button that provides access to web search. (The Verge’s story doesn’t spell out where search results would appear, or if the button is just a shortcut to Google’s existing Search app for iOS.) The keyboard may also have GIF and image buttons, which could tie into Google Image search.

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Source: Mac World

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