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FullStory Offers Real-Time Visitor Playback for Improved UX

February 1, 2016 - Uncategorized

So much of building a great website can feel as though it comes down to guesswork. What images work best? What copy is the most engaging? And while you can certainly A/B test till the cows come home, even that can be lacking in terms of giving you a real-time analysis of the end-users experience.

That’s why a tool like FullStory is so revolutionary. It, quite simply, gives you the full story behind your visitor’s time on your website by giving you the necessary tools to record and replay real customer visits to your website. You can be the proverbial fly on the wall and watch a user’s entire experience on your site, from when they first landed to when they clicked away.

FullStory gives you a unique platform through which to spot navigational issues, broken links, design elements that don’t work, leaks in your sales funnel, and more. Plus, it captures and indexes every event — not just clicks — so you have a complete picture of what a user did every single second they were engrossed in your site’s pages.

What Sets FullStory Apart

Sure, there are other real-time tracking tools for testing site experiences but FullStory brings a few things to the table that are totally proprietary:

DOM Focused

Unlike many other site testing tools, FullStory records the DOM, not just pixels, so the playback experience is seamless, beautiful, looks great on any screen size, and can be inspected down to the smallest detail. Truly, there’s no other tool like this on the market right now.

Robust Search Options

You can watch each visitor’s on-site experience in full individually of course, but you can also search for the events and behaviors that you’re interested in at any given moment thanks to the included flexible search options. For instance, you can even search for elements by CSS selector.

Once you have the list of users taking the actions you want to inspect further, you can then click on each one individually and playback the user’s experience.

FullStory Searchies

A relatively new feature in the FullStory lineup is FullStory Searchies. It offers an easy method to obtain big picture insights from a segment or search, and then present the answers in a visual way that’s easy to understand. That “visual way” may vary depending on the information collected, but include options such as a funnel, line graph, bar chart, and more.

The idea is to make it easy to go from the data you’ve collected (the numbers) to the individual site visitor’s experience. This helps you see the overall picture while simultaneously avoiding chart blindness and still prioritizing the experiences of each individual who lands on your site.

Quick Setup

Setting up FullStory is a snap. It takes just a few minutes. All you need to do is copy and paste a JavaScript snippet onto the pages for which you’d like to record data. That’s it. FullStory gets to recording right away so you can start analyzing UX immediately.

Getting Started with FullStory

It’s easy to get bogged down with what a product or service promises to offer. That’s why free trials are so important. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial of FullStory right now. It’s risk-free and gives you a chance to put the claims we’ve made here to the test.

After taking it for a spin, we’re certain you’ll find it to be an extremely helpful tool for gathering information about your visitors and customizing site experiences to better serve their needs and your goals.

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