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For Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it's already November in March

March 2, 2016 - Uncategorized



MIAMI — He is the frontrunner who no one saw coming. She was supposed to own the nomination from the beginning.

The dozen contests on Super Tuesday made it clear that the 2016 general election will likely be a matchup between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both Clinton and Trump are poised to take insurmountable leads in the delegate race in the coming weeks, leaving their opponents in the dust.

And their rivals have precious little time to stop them.

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While Bernie Sanders picked up wins in four states (his home state of Vermont, Minnesota, Colorado and Oklahoma) Clinton racked up win after win in delegate-rich states like Virginia, Texas and dominated in the Deep South. She even picked off a victory in Massachusetts, a state where Sanders had campaigned aggressively and where liberal voters liked his ideology. Read more…

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