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Chinese women wrap banknotes around their wrists in newest body trend meme

April 6, 2016 - Uncategorized



Whatever happened to the good old 30-day squat challenge?

Fast on the heels of the widely criticised “iPhone 6 knees” and “A4 waist” body trends, is the “100 yuan wrist” meme.

The challenge requires a woman to wrap a 100 yuan ($15) banknote, measuring 155mm by 77mm, around her wrist without having any gaps showing. If she passes the test, she’s considered to be skinny enough.

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Image: weibo

The challenge has since gone viral on Weibo as well as Meipai — China’s video sharing app.

Some netizens who remain unfazed by the critics have even gone a step further by using smaller notes to complete the challenge. Read more…

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