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Chewy the alpaca is better than any other pet on Instagram

February 17, 2016 - Uncategorized



Anything your pet can do, Chewy the alpaca can do better.

The two-year-old alpaca lives in Somerton Park, a suburb of Adelaide, Australia, and is one of the quirkiest and most lovable pets on his block.

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The adorable animal goes on lots of adventures with his 13-year-old human, Matt, who discovered his love for alpacas when he went on a family trip to Mount Compass in southern

He and Chewy love to ride skateboards, surf, play the drums or just sit in the grass together. Chewy does most of the grass sitting, however.

When Matt’s family first got Chewy, Matt told the Adelaide Messenger, the fuzzy creature was the smallest of his brothers and sisters. Read more…

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