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Can you merge synced data from multiple Apple IDs?

March 4, 2016 - Uncategorized

Dara Hogan has a problem that a lot of readers share: two Apple IDs that are both used for iTunes and iCloud. They wonder about resolving this:

One thing that I don’t fully understand is why iCloud can’t be used as a solution to this problem? Would it be possible for me to set up a new, third Apple ID and to sync both existing accounts to it and then delete them and implement the new, third Apple ID on all my devices?

Dara also notes the reason for staying put, which is a common one for many of you, and is the reason that I continue to use an older Apple ID for iTunes and a newer one for iCloud.

Everything is in sync (which is why I haven’t moved to using just one Apple ID before now). If I add a new contact on my iPhone it pops up on my iMac. Likewise with Calendar entries. Also, the 385 physical CDs that I’ve uploaded to iTunes on my iMac are also there on my iPhone and music I’ve purchased from iTunes on my iPhone are also on my iMac.

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Source: Mac World

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