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Building Powerful Websites Without Coding With the Simbla Website Editor

November 12, 2015 - Uncategorized

Since every other business nowadays wishes to be online, there has been a surge in terms of tools and products that can help you build websites within minutes. Not just business sites, but you can also build portfolio sites, blogs, one-page sites as well as many other types of projects. We now have flat file Content Management Systems, drag and drop tools, hosted solutions as well as website builders to help you get the job done.

In this post, I will be introducing you to one such website builder that does its job pretty well: Simbla.

What is Simbla?

Put simply, Simbla lets you build websites with ease — fully responsive and mobile-ready, and zero coding required as the interface uses an intuitive drag and drop editor.

Based on Bootstrap, Simbla has been around for two years, and its main focus lies in helping small to medium sized businesses create an online presence without having to spend huge amounts of money on web design.

Major Features

What all does Simbla have to offer?

First up, it offers professionally designed templates along with a collection of ready to use photos that you can choose from and get started with. This means you can get straight into actual customization, and not have to start from scratch.

The interface is marked by an easy to use drag and drop editor. You don’t have to be an expert in coding in order to build websites with Simbla.

Everything you create with Simbla is fully responsive. Need support for mobile phones and tablets? Yes, Simbla has you covered!

More importantly, unlike other website builders, Simbla has not overlooked Search Engine Optimization. Simbla generates HTML5 websites, which are optimized in terms of SEO. XML sitemaps, support fo 301 redirects, SEO meta data and keywords as well as SEO-friendly URLs — Simbla has it all! Plus, Simbla also offers integration with Google Analytics.

Simbla offers hosting for websites built using its website builder, so for users who do not wish to purchase hosting separately or worry about server management and security, Simbla seems to be an ideal pick.


Simbla offers a free plan that includes all the perks of the website builder, and 300 MB of storage with 300 MB of bandwidth. Of course, for proper business needs, the free plan will not be suffice. You can choose from one of the premium plans:

  • Starter: 1 GB storage; 1 GB bandwidth; $6 per month.
  • Basic: 3 GB storage; 3 GB bandwidth;$12 per month.
  • Advanced: 10 GB storage; 10 GB bandwidth; $18 per month.
  • Pro: 20 GB storage; 20 GB bandwidth; $24 per month.

All of the premium plans allow you to link your custom domain to your website; and if you wish to remove the Simbla branding from the footer, you will have to opt for the Basic plan, or higher.


There are several website builders out there, so it is nearly impossible for a website builder to innovate out of the blue or offer something outright unique. The target audience for such builders is defined and laser-focused: people need something that lets them build a website much like Microsoft PowerPoint lets them build presentations, without having to deal with code or debugging. As such, a drag and drop web builder is a very safe bet for such an audience. Simbla realizes that, and has catered to this very fact.

Based on Bootstrap, Simbla promises a lot. Since it is Bootstrap, you do not have to worry about SEO issues, nor do you need to worry about responsive design woes. All in all, Simbla is a promising product, and you should give it a try if you are looking to build a responsive website.

Have you tried Simbla yet? Share your views in the comments below!

Give Simbla a Try!

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