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Britney Spears TBT with Leonardo DiCaprio is the best unseen moment of the '00s

April 1, 2016 - Uncategorized



Some point in the last 30 years, Britney Spears and Leonardo DiCaprio hung out. 

They recreated the Titanic boat scene, choreographed a dance routine to “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and then debated East Coast vs. West Coast politics. 

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Not really, but they did take this beautiful picture together, which Britney released on Instagram like manna from the nostalgia gods. 

While we can’t verify the exact date it was taken, we can guess, based on Leo’s Red Sox hat, that it happened sometime in the early 2000s when The Departed was being filmed in Boston. (His hat is contradictory to his West Coast hand sign, but we’ll let this one pass, Leo.)  Read more…

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