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BrandPost: Smart Things – The Attack Gateway into Your Home Infrastructure

April 14, 2016 - Uncategorized

The whopping 50 billion devices estimated to exist in the internet of things by 2020 will significantly augment the way we perceive reality around us. But they’ll also be tasked with guarding our privacy and our most valuable and sensitive data, a task that has security researchers concerned.

Researchers argue that current built-in security mechanism are not enough to prevent cybercriminals from remotely taking over smart things and compromising the user’s entire home network.

Why is IoT Lacking Security?

As happens with all new technologies, it’s all about pushing it to the market as quickly as possible and making sure it gains enough adoption. Security features are often left behind because of manufacturers’ desire to build a great user experience and attract as many positive user reviews as possible.

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Source: Mac World

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