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Bon Bon the Chimp is dead at 57

February 24, 2016 - Uncategorized



The Dallas Zoo is mourning the loss of its beloved chimp, Bon Bon, which died on Sunday after 57 years in captivity.

The chimp was the zoo’s “oldest resident,” zookeepers said, and she was the matriarch of its troop of chimpanzees.

Tami Jochen, the zoo’s lead keeper, described her as “the queen bee of the group” in a 2013 interview with the Dallas Morning News.

But it wasn’t just fellow chimps the dearly departed primate looked after; Bon Bon loved people, and people, in turn, loved Bon Bon.

“She was everybody’s favorite. Since she had been here so long, staff members from all over the zoo had formed a special relationship with her,” primate supervisor Sarah Villarreal said in a blog post on the zoo’s website. “People would always stop by to say hi. And she didn’t forget them. Chimps always remember.” Read more…

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