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'Big Short' writer seems to make barely veiled pitch for Bernie Sanders at the Oscars — but it's not

February 29, 2016 - Uncategorized



Would it even be the Oscars without politics? 

After host Chris Rock absolutely devastated the audience with an on-point monologue about racism in Hollywood, the field was open to wider cultural and political statements, and at least one winner took the chance to make a point. 

The Big Short writer Adam McKay showed his sympathies to be very much in line with those seen in the wildly successful movie, which portrayed Wall Street as a rigged den of iniquity. 

“Don’t vote for candidates who take money from big banks, billionaires and big oil,” McKay said.

The comment was immediately widely understood as an endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who has run on the same platform. Read more…

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