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Big Buds: A step by step ebook on growing at home

April 15, 2016 - Uncategorized


My sole attempt at hydroponic anything at home was gardening in an Aerogrow kit. Jay Cheeba’s Big Buds encouraged me to consider firing up the grow lights for something far better than meh tasting tomatoes!

Everything you need to know about indoor cultivation of marijuana seems to be in Mr. Cheeba’s free-to-kindle-unlimited-readers tome. There are sections on everything about growing the plant, from lighting systems and hydroponics, to trimming, and nutrients, and there are sections on harvesting, and preparing for use. This is a very step-by-step guide, and while short, only around 60 pages, I feel pretty confident Cheeba has given me enough information to successfully cultivate a crop of some pretty good weed at home.

I think, however, it is easier to go to a dispensary and my home would smell far less bad. The Aerogrow kit, with just tomatoes, made the house pretty pungent. Sometimes it was nice, sometimes it was chemically. I have serious worries, as a friend’s single plant in a pot really destroyed their apartment, once, long ago.

Even tho I won’t be growing, for .99 cents via the Kindle Store, or free via Kindle Unlimited, this is a fun read.

Marijuana: Big Buds, Growers guide to get the biggest yields from your plants (Growing Marijuana, Marijuana Cultivation, Cannabis, Medical Marijuana) by Jay Cheeba via Amazon
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