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'Better Call Saul' Episode 9: Coming from Mike, payback really is a bitch

April 12, 2016 - Uncategorized



You know what they say in New Mexico: nothing like a homemade spike strip to get a Good Samaritan shot directly in the face! Oh, wait — wait, no, that’s not at all what Mike intended when he hijacked Hector’s drug money delivery headed down to Mexico

And yet, the dominos fell, and the bloody repercussions splashed directly onto Mike’s lap. In the Better Call Saul universe, the best laid plans often lead to heartache — or even worse, a bullet to the head.

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And so “Nailed,” the penultimate episode of Better Call Saul’s second season, is all about consequences: the consequences Jimmy must face for singlehandedly sabotaging HHM’s standing with Mesa Verde; the consequences Kim must face for getting into both business and bed with a man who has a distaste for rules and normal codes of conduct; the consequences Mike must face for exacting revenge on a brutally violent criminal; and the consequences Chuck must face for putting his well-being in harm’s way while trying to cripple his brother’s career. Read more…

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