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'Better Call Saul' Episode 7: Operation Get Fired

March 29, 2016 - Uncategorized



Is one really the loneliest number? Is solitude superior to a tepid but stable bond? And of what value are job perks if at the end of the day you’re just — as Jimmy puts it — not happy when you go to sleep at night?

In “Inflatable,” the seventh episode of Better Call Saul’s second season, both Jimmy and Kim eyeball the exit signs at their behemoth law firms. Sailing away solo might be more fulfilling down the line — but can the two attorneys survive building a business and sense of identity on their own?

“Inflatable” opens with a flashback to young Jimmy McGill helping out at his dad’s corner store. While sneaking a peek at Playboy and pretending to sweep, Jimmy hears a man at the register approach his father with a sob story — and then ask for five bucks. Read more…

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