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'Better Call Saul' Episode 3: When Jimmy goes rogue, all ends well

March 1, 2016 - Uncategorized



Here’s the thing about Jimmy McGill: By episode three of Better Call Saul’s second season, we know he’s a rule-breaker. He goes rogue from expected attorney conduct, he risks his standing with the American Bar Association with suspect endeavors, and, well, he flat out lies.

And yet, one cannot help but notice that each time Jimmy goes rogue, it appears to be for the greater good.

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In “Amarillo,” Jimmy’s legally dubious ways are seen in his client acquisition efforts with the Sandpiper case. During a trip to Texas, Jimmy finagles his way onto a bus filled with elderly people and, through some serious charm and storytelling skills, nabs a grip of them as new clients. Back at the Davis & Main office, Cliff Main is impressed by the slew of new (old) faces that have been added to the Sandpiper case roster thanks to Jimmy; but Chuck, still sitting in on meetings, is suspicious of how Jimmy acquired said clients. Read more…

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