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Bet on the weather in Australia and win $1 million

April 11, 2016 - Uncategorized



You can now put your money where your complaints are, with a new Australian lottery that lets you complain about the weather and then bet on it.

In a novel idea that plays into Australians obsession with talking, moaning and celebrating the various states of weather in the country, Weather Lottery will let punters place a bet, you guessed it, on the weather. 

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You enter with a A$25 monthly subscription, which lets you choose seven numbers, between zero and nine, every week on the day of your choice. The numbers correlate to the number following the decimal point in temperatures for all the major cities in Australia at midday each day. So if it is 30.6 degrees Celsius in Sydney, the number you’d want to have your money on is 6.  Read more…

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