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Ben Affleck smuggled a dastardly Matt Damon onto 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

February 29, 2016 - Uncategorized



A suspiciously large Ben Affleck waddled into Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s post-Oscar show Sunday night. The most recent actor to play Batman claimed he was simply sporting extra weight, a result of his superhero body going to seed — but that didn’t convince Kimmel.

Turns out Affleck actually had his friend and fellow Oscar-winner, Matt Damon, strapped to his body. After years of fake feuding, including a fake kidnapping, Kimmel immediately booted the poor Martian off of his show. 

Earlier that night, Damon lost to Leonardo DiCaprio for the Best Actor award at the 88th Oscars. He just can’t catch a break.  Read more…

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