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'Begging boomboxes' are bringing attention to poverty in the Netherlands

March 30, 2016 - Uncategorized



Despite economic growth worldwide, income inequality persists. In many big cities around the world, however, conversations about comprehensive solutions simply aren’t happening.

Instead of taking action to alleviate poverty, cities like Utrecht in the Netherlands have taken overly simplistic measures, like implementing bans on panhandling. But one local artist is drawing attention to the systemic problem through interesting means: boomboxes.

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Dutch visual artist Dries Verhoeven‘s new project, Songs for Thomas Piketty, features “begging boomboxes” placed strategically throughout the Utrecht city center. Each boombox has a cup or plate on top of it, and plays a song about unity. Then it plays a recording of someone asking passersby for spare change — exactly what the city’s homeless can’t do. Read more…

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