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Become a certified web developer with this 5 course bundle: now 98% off

February 21, 2016 - Uncategorized

Maybe you took Spanish in high school, or French. Or if you were really academic maybe you dug into Latin. How much do you use those today? Spanish, maybe, but Latin? Nope. And how often do you whip out the old accent at a French restaurant? Let’s be honest: the only language you need to know in 2016 is code. This bundle of programming courses is 98% off and will teach you to talk the talk and help you become a certified web developer. Say Bonjour to a new job.

There are five courses here for a total of over twenty five hours of content including lessons on advanced Javascript development, CSS, GitHub fundamentals, Ajax and all the details you need to become officially certified as a developer. Even if you’re a newbie to computer science and programming, you can start here with the fundamentals and revisit material often. You’ll learn HTML, PHP and MySQL where you’ll manage and extract large data sets plus get dozens of of existing code examples to study and emulate. With all these tools you’ll create beautiful, functional sites in no time that you can call your own.

Got a question? Just raise your hand by emailing the instructor. Everything you need is here and you’ll end the course bundle with a huge portfolio of samples to show your existing employer for a raise or title bump or shop yourself around to new potential employers. The demand for coders has never been greater and you can get officially certified for 98% off with this class pack so check out the link for more details.

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