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'Batman v Superman' totally tweaked Marvel, and you probably missed it

March 28, 2016 - Uncategorized



LOS ANGELES — DC v Marvel: Since the Dawn of Time.

Ask anyone at Warner Bros./DC or Disney/Marvel about the other shop, and they’ll totally downplay the spirited comic-book competition they’ve been engaged in for nearly a century. But you better believe it: The rivalry is real.

Is it friendly? Not … quite. But it’s fun!

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I caught Batman v Superman twice — and didn’t hate it as much as the consensus. The second time around, I was able to scan the frame a little more freely. And I spotted something.

There’s a moment when Bruce Wayne is looking at his cork-board, where he’s pinned up a newspaper clipping about the time he saved Wallace “Wally” Keefe (Scoot McNairy) from the wreckage of the film’s opening scene.  Read more…

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