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Barstool ski racing is the greatest sporting event you've never heard of

March 6, 2016 - Uncategorized


Most great weird sports traditions begin with one important ingredient: beer.

Barstool Ski Races began 38 years ago at a bar at the west entrance to the Glacier National Park in sleepy Martin City, Montana (population: 331). As local legend has it, a group of old-timers were sitting at the bar when they were approached by skiers and encouraged to go outside and enjoy the slopes They only agreed to do so if they could stay on their barstools. Skis were attached to their stools and they rode down — beers in hand

Over the years, the event has grown into the main attraction at the annual Cabin Fever Days, a weekend of festivities in Martin City in February. Proceeds go toward local communities services like the local fire department and first responders, as well as to Christmas gifts for kids in the area. Plus, it’s quite a boon for bars in the canyon. Read more…

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