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Autonomous taxis may soon be coming to Singapore

April 5, 2016 - Uncategorized



One of the challenges of successfully deploying autonomous cars in major, congested cities is the sheer logistical hurdles involved in introducing driverless cars onto streets that in some cases are hundreds of years old

That’s why Singapore, a relatively young but incredibly rich and advanced city, is the perfect setting to bring autonomous cars to the public — a task that a startup called nuTonomy plans to do

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The company has plans to launch thousands of driverless taxis in Singapore, a move that could serve as a perfect test case for other major cities around the world looking to introduce driverless cars to their streets

In March, the nuTonomy autonomous vehicle passed its first obstacle course test in Singapore, according to a post from MIT, where nuTonomy co-founder Emilio Frazzoli serves as a professor of aeronautical and astronautical engineering. Read more…

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