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Ask the iTunes Guy: Moving from Windows to Mac, downloading a playlist, and more

March 18, 2016 - Uncategorized

Could there be a new wave of switchers? I’ve gotten several emails recently from people asking how to move their iTunes library from a Windows PC to a new Mac. In this week’s column, I discuss this move, particularly when iTunes media is stored on an external hard drive. I also talk about the “missing” Gapless Album tag in iTunes, and give a quick tip on how to download a playlist from the cloud to an iOS device.

Help me move my iTunes library to a Mac

Q: I’m currently using a PC, and I’ve been thinking of buying a MacBook for a while. I use iTunes to manage my music and other related media files, and all these files are stored on an external hard drive. I use the Z drive for this, so it won’t be assigned to any random letter like D, E, or F by the computer. I think a Mac system is different, so I am not sure how to painlessly transfer all data to the new Mac computer and don’t lose any information. If I copy all those .xml files and such, will it work?.

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