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Ask the iTunes Guy: Hide iTunes features, finding songs, and more

March 4, 2016 - Uncategorized

Sometimes, you want to use iTunes just to listen to music, and not be bothered by the app’s many other features. In this week’s column, I explain how you can make a minimal iTunes, hiding many of the features you don’t use. I also look at what you can do when you’ve got too much media to fit on your hard drive; how you can find (or not find) which songs you’ve “loved” on Apple Music; and explain how to fast forward in Apple’s iOS Music app.

Minimal iTunes

Q: I only use iTunes to listen to music, and I find that there are just too many buttons in its interface. Is there any way I can simplify this?

iTunes does have a lot of features. It handles many media kinds: music, movies, TV shows, apps, podcast, and more. And there’s the iTunes Store, Apple Music, radio, and a whole lot of other features.

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Source: Mac World

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