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Are You an Overworked & Underpaid Designer? These 10 Deals Could Make Your Life Easy!

April 15, 2016 - Uncategorized

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Overworked and underpaid, that would be the tag-line for every designer. It’s not easy juggling the creative and execution aspect of designing a website, especially when clients keep voting down your ideas and including bizarre ones of their own. Seriously, do you guys think we have some sort of a magic wand?

Well we can’t give you a magic wand but here’s a list of 10 awesome deals that would make your life a little less sucky. Have fun!

7 Ways to Make Your Website More Usable

You might spend hours, use the best resources and blow up the client’s money to make a stunning website but if it’s intricate and design-heavy, it won’t serve its purpose, unless the purpose is to look pretty only.

Websites must have a utilitarian feel to it first, and a spunky feel later. Unless you build one that is both easy to navigate and displays all the important information up front, your conversion rate wouldn’t reach the expectation.

You can do a lot to up the usability factor of a website, here’s a deal that would help cut down on the time and effort taken for that, by almost half. This set of 7 PSDs from login forms to badges would come handy when you’re working with different aspects of a website.

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Break – A Modern Free Font

What’s with the boring Times New Roman and Calibri? Seriously, websites need to move beyond those if they want to make a mark.

Fonts are a great-yet-minimalistic inclusion on a website that changes the face of it by large. Ever noticed how certain fonts have a particular meaning, like Comic Sans has that fun element to it while Times New Roman is often used in print publishing. That’s the self-explanatory and transformative power of fonts.

A new type of font that perfectly fits a high-end brand – whether it’s apparels, watches or even a service-based brand – and adds quirk to the page it is used on. Available in upper and lower case along with numerical and symbols, the font comes in 5 weights.

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105 Editable Call To Action Buttons for FREE

Every website, irrespective of the niche it caters to, will need several call to action buttons to be strategically placed on it. If you’re an e-commerce you’d need more of it, if you’re a simple hobby blog, you’d still need that too.

It’s the final step in converting, the equivalent of closing a deal. But not a lot of people give this due attention, most designers just rehash the boring old CTA buttons and use it for every single project. But you’re not most designers, which is why this freebie would be a good addition to your resource box.

With 105 (yes, you read that right) CTA buttons, you can choose one that complements the theme of the website, the brand colors, and even the brand logo.

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Create a Custom Login in Minutes Without Coding

This freebie isn’t just for designers, it’s for anyone actually. With no prior knowledge of coding required, even webmasters can themselves create a customized login form page for their website.

And before you jump into why do we need a customized login page anyway, know that this page is the entry point for your audience. And besides jazzing it up for aesthetics, it can also keep them for a little longer, especially those who dally over whether to login or not.

This plugin is an upgrade over all its competitors as it provides a ton of premium features for free.

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Beautiful Macro Photography Techniques eBooks

Have you ever dreamt of taking pictures up close? Like really look deep into the mosquito’s eyes close? Yeah, we have all, but forget about the mosquito’s eyes we couldn’t even nail focus to get the mosquito look something more than a dust speck.

Macro photography isn’t easy to master, but once you do you end up with stunning clicks that would garner tons of likes on social media and win you a gig or two.

If you’re interested in this genre or want to simply take exceptional pictures as a hobby, you might want to check out this e-book that is pretty detailed and deals with the subject in-depth.

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Bundle of Free Photoshop Actions for Sports Effect

Actions are like your automatic copy paste machine, wherein a series of steps that you routinely use are stored and applied on any picture you want it on. While it does save time by getting the basics sorted in a click, it has a lot of transformational value too as Photoshop Actions can take a banal click and turn it into something extraordinary, especially Actions designed by pros and this is one such set.

This freebie comprise of Actions that will give any sports-related picture a great boost. Perfect for when you’re designing a sports-themed website or need to edit such images.

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5 Social Media Mistakes That Are Killing Your Brand

If you’re not doing social media right in 2016, you stand little chance against competition. Social media is an integral part of doing digital sharing and marketing the way it needs to be done for maximum returns.

The biggest mistake webmasters make is not including all social share buttons or keeping it right at the bottom. It could be that your audience would just skim through and share a post without going all the way to the bottom. If you don’t know how to do it, get professional help. This plugin makes all of your content ready for social sharing while giving you the leverage to choose which posts should be sent out and which restricted.

The plugin originally valued at $47 is available for free for a limited period.

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Free UI Kit to Tantalize Your Shopping or Social Website

UI kits come handy when you’re running a deadline and don’t want to hamper the quality. The one that you get in this deal is perfect for an e-commerce or a social website, both of which requires tons of work.

From layered PSD files, scalable graphics to being retina-ready, the UI kit is packed with superior features that you need to put in a website for it to survive the changing technology and user requirements.

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Create A Photography Website That Works For You

If you’re a designer, you obviously know the ins and outs of creating a website. But what about the other creative sorts, our fellow cousins like writers and photographers? Take photographers for instance, they’re coming up in lots and doing well too. But the number one place they lack in is a good web presence.

With a stunning portfolio, their website could become one of a kind, but the problem lies in the technicalities of it. Where do you host.. wait what is hosting? If you’re a photographer or know one who’s thinking of getting a website up (if they aren’t, you absolutely need to educate them on the importance of one), this freebie would be a saving grace for them.

It walks you down the entire process, from hosting to designing to displaying their portfolio.

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7 Reasons to Grab These Free Icons

Icons are absolutely important for any website. They convey what you want to say in shorter concise pictorial representations, saving a lot of space and time that you would otherwise have to spend on writing textual content.

All in all, icons are a must-have for every designer. The more you stock up on the more options you’d have.

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We loved creating this collection for you. Which of the freebies did you like best, and which freebies would you want us to put on our next list?

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