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April Fools! I faked my own death.

April 1, 2016 - Uncategorized



Some may hate April Fools’ Day and its flood of branded promotional pranks, but one fact that all millennials have learned to face is that we, too, have personal brands. What better way would there be to promote my own than by throwing the ultimate April Fools’ prank and faking my own death?

I have always been a tragic and poetic figure in the eyes of my family and friends, due to my big dreams and romantic approach to life. This quality would almost certainly result in an outpouring of grief in the event of my demise, which, if used correctly, could be converted into promotional value for The Feather Brothers, the folk duo I share with my co-worker Max Knoblauch, and our new single “Leaves Turning Colours”. Read more…

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