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Apps can teach you all about the stock market, but be careful

March 29, 2016 - Uncategorized



Grant Regimbal, 19, has a favorite smartphone game. It isn’t Angry Birds or Candy Crush. 

It’s Robinhood, an app that lets you quickly buy and sell stocks with no fees attached

He’ll pull it up when he’s bored or has a few minutes and take a look at his positions. Maybe he’ll make a couple trades

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That might sound risky but Regimbal, a freshman at Cornell College in Iowa, sees it as a better use of his time than any game

“For me, it’s more of an entertainment,” Regimbal said. “I could sit on my phone and play Candy Crush… or I could just buy one- or two-dollar stocks and watch those go up and down all day.” Read more…

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