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Apple’s stock apps suck: Here’s what you should replace them with

March 26, 2016 - Uncategorized



When you get a new iPhone, it comes with more than a dozen apps pre-installed for all of your basic needs. These default apps include Calendar, Mail, Messages and Music.

But are these really the best apps you can use for those purposes? In a lot of cases, absolutely not.

Although Apple won’t let you change app defaults, there are alternatives for almost every app Apple pre-installs on iOS. We scoured through the App Store for the best alternatives for Apple’s stock apps

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Not every default app has a real replacement (Apple Wallet is the only app you can use if you want to use Apple Pay) and we’d argue that not all apps even need a replacement, but we’ve still gone through the default apps one by one, row by row, to pick out the best alternatives. Read more…

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