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Announced: The Best and Worst Identities of 2015, Part 5: The Worst Noted

December 30, 2015 - Uncategorized

End of Year List

The Best and Worst Identities of 2015, Part 5: The Worst Noted

The Noted section usually has some cringe-inducing logos and this year doesn’t disappoint. Here are the 12 worst from 2015.

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The old logo was by no means any good but this is the worst case of throwing brand equity out the window in 2015. This brand was all about that goofy font and the goofier character, now it looks like a brand of gluten-free bread.

Another case where the old logo wasn’t any good but the new one is worse with far too many chrome gradients and chisels to make any sense. To its credit, the launch party looked bitchin’.

A logo that was doomed from the beginning when the committee put three crappy logos to a vote and instead ended up with another type of crappy logo as the result of a contest.

One of the more baffling changes, where the evolution is minimal, unnecessary, and an improvement in no manner whatsoever.

W is for Wichita and Wings, we get it, but it’s still all Wrong.

The previous logo lacked readability but the new one lacks dignity, looking like a bad Sesame Street segment. It also takes top prize for worst art direction in photography.

Bad chrome effect? Check. Logo-as-window cliché? Check. Poor typeface choice? Check. Well done!

The old logo could have gone on for decades without garnering any fans or awards, passing unnoticed and doing its job. The new one tries way, waaaay too hard to be something and it fails in every aspect, from concept to execution.

Doubling down on a bad idea, the logo insists on having two “O”s where only one is needed. The old one at least had decent spacing, whereas the fusion of the “G” and “O” in the new one is an aberration.

A terrible asbtract symbol paired with an even more terrible prescription-medicine-sounding name makes for the worst credit union branding. The unicase wordmark doesn’t help one bit.

Perhaps not a bad logo in itself — althought, yeah, it’s quite bad — but there is no excuse for the sloppy vector work from a professional sports team.

While it does take top honors as the worst of 2015 I would also consider this to be one of the worst compositions of the decade so far. Not a single element in this logo is right, in concept or execution. It’s like they picked elements from a hat and then five different people were responsible for executing each element and then they put them all together and then issued a press release. I saw a landfill yesterday and it definitely compared to this logo.

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