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March 26, 2016 - Uncategorized



Texas is bigReally big.

And it’s home to some really big stuff. Like the biggest HD television set in the world (at “Jerry World,” home of the Dallas Cowboys) and the biggest high school football stadium (Allen’s Eagle Stadium, where the football team has a perfect record in the 18,000-seat facility). There’s even a ranch in South Texas that’s bigger than entire state of Rhode Island (the King Ranch’s 1,289 square miles versus Rhode Island’s 1,045).

But not everything is Texas is outsized. For 10 years I lived and worked in West Texas, and I came to know several small towns that made up in heart what they lacked in size. It takes a special kind of people – stubborn, independent, resilient – to scratch out a living from the dry, dusty soil. Read more…

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