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An asteroid will pass by Earth next week, but it's unclear how close it will get

March 3, 2016 - Uncategorized



An asteroid about the size of a basketball court will pass safely by Earth on March 8, but scientists aren’t quite sure how far the space rock will be from the planet when it flies by.

The best estimates at the moment have the 100-foot-long asteroid — named 2013 TX68 — passing about 3 million miles from Earth on Tuesday, but it’s possible the cosmic object could get as close as 15,000 miles from the surface of the planet, according to NASA.

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Earlier estimates had 2013 TX68 flying by Earth on March 5 at a distance ranging from 9 million miles to 11,000 miles. NASA analyzed more observations of the asteroid since that prediction was made in order to refine the understanding of the space rock’s orbit. Read more…

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