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America's Steph Curry obsession captured in one perfect photo

March 31, 2016 - Uncategorized



Golden State Warriors MVP point guard Stephen Curry is playing like a golden god this season. He’s the perfect player for the digital age, and a great guy to boot — we were there when he let a bunch of elementary schoolers drench him in water, for crying out loud. 

So popular is Curry right now — with the Warriors five wins away from the best record in NBA history — that people are literally falling all over themselves to get his autograph. 

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Curry’s warmup routines have become spectacles when Golden State hits the road. Opposing teams have taken to opening their arenas early so their fans can watch Curry and the visiting Warriors go through pre-game workouts. Wednesday night in Utah, however, Golden State’s popularity nearly had a frightening outcome.  Read more…

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