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Amazon quietly pulls all hoverboards from its site

February 23, 2016 - Uncategorized



Here we go again. Months ago, we were the first to report that Amazon had removed Swagway hoverboards from its website, a situation that was reversed soon after with no explanation from the company

But on Tuesday, searches for hoverboards on Amazon returned no results, apart from some accessories. It appears that all hoverboards, regardless of brand, have now been scrubbed from the site, days after the U.S. government declared them unsafe.

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In fact, even an advertisement on the site for the Razor Hovertrax, when clicked, takes users to a 404 “not a functioning page” location on Amazon. If you click on a specific brand for your hoverboard search, most brands show up with blank pages, except for Swagway, which reads “temporarily out of stock.” Read more…

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