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Adobe Flash has a huge security hole that’s being exploited right now

March 11, 2016 - Uncategorized


Another day, another Adobe Flash security vulnerability.

Adobe issued an emergency patch for Flash overnight to fix a security hole that’s already being actively used in the wildCVE-2016-1010, which an attacker could use to execute code on your machine, is being used in “targeted attacks,” according to Adobe.

The good news is there’s an update that you can get already – or you might already have it, if you turned on automatic updates.

The bad news? Well, it actually affects more than just Flash, extending to Adobe AIR, AIR for Android, Flash Player for Linux and a number of other clients.

Given the attack is already being used, it’s worth heading to Adobe’s site and making sure you have the latest of everything listed there or just uninstalling Flash altogether.

Source: The Next Web

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